Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Update on the UK Badger Cull

What's going on?

The UK Government have announced that there will be a badger cull beginning in June 2013 in Somerset, Gloucestershire and possibly Dorset, which could see badger populations decline by more than 70%. Many healthy badgers will be slaughtered.This is happening despite overwhelming scientific, public and political opinion against the cull. 

'Cruelty Free' Cosmetics

 What's going on?

After years of campaigning, the EU has banned animal testing for cosmetics from 11th March 2013! This ban prevents the import and sale of animal tested products and ingredients in the EU. However, some countries still demand animal testing, so we are still campaigning for a global ban.

Friday, 18 November 2011

Different Types of Vegetarian

 Vegetarians, generally speaking, are people who choose not to eat meat, for a number of possible reasons (ethical, religious, political, health, environmental, cultural, aesthetic, economic and so on).

Why I Don't Eat Meat

When I tell people I'm a vegetarian, I usually get the reaction of raised eyebrows and perhaps a joke about how I need to get some protein in me. Sometimes people try to convert me by waving pieces of dead animals in front of me and going "mmmm...see what you're missing out on?". Lovely. They assume that I am a tree-hugging nutter with no sense of reason who goes around spoiling everyone's fun by kicking up a fuss about animal rights. However, some people react with a mixture of sympathy and admiration and say something like: "Oh that must be really difficult. I could never do that, you must be very disciplined." Those make me laugh, as I am hardly a disciplined person. I just prefer not to eat meat, that's all. It's no big deal and I don't want a fuss. Just pass me a veggie burger and leave it at that, okay?