Animal Welfare

This blog supports animal welfare and backs a number of campaigns set up by various charities.

We Support...

  • Tightening pet ownership laws
  • Educating people about the responsibilities of pet ownership
  • Responsible pet ownership, including micro-chipping and neutering
  • Making it mandatory for slaughter houses to have CCTV installed
  • Ensuring ducks and other water birds have full-body access to water for bathing
  • Improving the lives of dairy cows by introducing EU-wide legislation to protect their welfare
  • The labelling of products based on method of production, giving the consumer information about how the animal was kept
  • Improving the welfare of laying hens
  • Encouraging vegetarian and vegan lifestyles
  • Keeping the Hunting Act  (which bans hunting with dogs)
  • Replacing animal experiments with other methods wherever possible
  • 'Cruelty-free cosmetics' such as those sold by The Body Shop. Full list of ethical companies here.
  • Heavier sentences for those involved in animal cruelty and neglect 
  • Improving welfare standards in zoos and aquariums, including increasing tank/enclosure size and ensuring habitat needs are met.

We are against:

For more information, see the RSPCA's list of campaigns.